The Week Ahead: 18th April Onwards

After the Easter Recess, Parliament returns this week to move into the final stages of voting on Lords amendments to several bills as we come towards the end of this parliamentary session.

These amendments are sometime passed very quickly and other times have much debate, but at this stage of the parliamentary session there is always an uncertainty to the House’s timetable.

However, this week we do start the “Finance Bill”, or as it is better known, “The Budget”.  Although the Chancellor of the Exchequer made his statement back in March, it was only a statement.  A budget takes many weeks to move through committee stages in the House and is in fact the only Bill that does not have a guillotine on time for debate.  I think the latest I have sat in the House of Commons in the past has been 4am, only to have to be back in for 8am.

Since Parliament rose two weeks ago there has been some very serious international events, I would expect that we many will have a Statement from the Foreign Secretary on Tuesday at around 3.30pm, as well as some Urgent Questions to other Ministers.

Ministerial Questions this week include Treasury, Scotland and Environment as well as the weekly dose of Prime Minister’s Questions, which promises to be wide ranging after a break that has seen so many developments on the world stage.