Boston Spa High School seeks academy status

Statement by Alec Shelbrooke  MP

“I support the academisation of Boston Spa school.

As your MP I voted for the Academies Act in 2010 and since then the academy programme has helped raise standards and improve outcomes for pupils across my constituency.

It is my hope that all schools in my constituency will make the same decision as Governors at Boston Spa and seek to convert to an academy.

I have little faith in the ability of the Labour-run Council to deal with school improvement or the consequences of the thousands of new homes it wants to build on greenfield and greenbelt land around my constituency.

I believe Boston Spa and Wetherby schools have positive futures ahead of them”.

Statement by Mr Chris Walsh, Headteacher of Boston Spa Academy

“Boston Spa has only ever had a positive and constructive working relationship with our local MP. His personal support for academisation was relayed to me when we met in the House of Commons last year. We look forward to continuing that positive working relationship as offered by Mr Shelbrooke today.”