Statement on the Westminster Terrorist Attack

Statement on the Westminster Terrorist Attack

The attack on Westminster and the Houses of Parliament yesterday acts as a reminder that the very values these terrorists wish to take from us – liberty, freedom, democracy and the rule of law – will not be diminished. Today residents in Elmet & Rothwell will go about their daily lives as normal, some of them will be in London or travelling to the capital for work and leisure. The strength of our British values is that we never surrender to hatred or the seeds of division sowed by those sick and depraved.

My thoughts and prayers remain with the families of those killed in yesterday’s attack on Westminster Bridge and in Parliament.

PC Keith Palmer, a familiar face to us in Parliament, ran towards the terrorist to protect civilians on the Parliamentary Estate and in doing so showed incredible valour in the line of duty.

We saw the worst of humanity yesterday, but we also witnessed the very best.

Alec Shelbrooke MP

Thursday 23rd March 2017