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Government activity this week

In the past week in the House of Commons, Alec has supported the Government in a number of key policy areas. Here is the Government’s activity over the last week: On Sunday 26th November, Baroness Sugg announced that the police are set to be given powers to prevent the unsafe or criminal use of drones as part of a… Read more »

Alec slams Labour’s “sharp-elbowed NIMBYs” insult

During a debate on the Labour’s Council’s Site Allocations Plan at Leeds City Council, a Labour Councillor, Neil Walshaw, tweeted: “It’s almost as if they [Conservative Councillors] are under the thumb of small groups of sharp-elbowed NIMBY campaigners in outer areas”. Cllr Walshaw is Chair of an influential Plans Panel at Leeds City Council and… Read more »

Alec raises concerns over mental health support

On 2nd November, at Business Questions in the House of Commons, Alec raised the issue of mental health support for young adults with degenerative diseases. Alec said: “On Friday, a constituent came to see me to describe how his 20-year-old son has inherited an eye disease, retinitis pigmentosa, which will cause him to go blind… Read more »

Alec at Prime Minister’s Questions

On 23rd October, at Prime Minister’s Question Time, Alec raised the issue of Jeremy Corbyn’s false promises: Alec asked: “There are some misguided amnesiacs who think that nationalisation is good way forward. There are also some who think that we should stay in the single market. Will my right hon. Friend confirm that, due to… Read more »