MP pledges objection to Collingham homes plans

MP pledges objection to Collingham homes plans

Published: 23rd February 2014

1781668190Wetherby’s MP has pledged to lodge his own objection to a housing development proposed for Collingham.

Alec Shelbrooke made his promise following a public meeting called by newly formed Collingham Residents Action Group (CRAG) to discuss Miller Homes outline proposal for 150 homes on flood prone land off the A58 in the village.

“The large turnout of residents in Collingham goes only to show the strength of feeling against this application.

“I recognise that our area needs some additional housing but the scale of development proposed by Labour-run Leeds City Council will drastically change the character of our villages.

“The residents’ meeting last Saturday drew together sensible objections to a planning application for homes on flood-prone land in Collingham and I will be supporting the action group and residents by lodging my own objection.”

Over 200 residents turned out to the meeting at the village hall to the surprise of the organisers who had expected about 70 to attend.

Emma Spratley, the Chairman of CRAG, said: “I am delighted with the large turnout.”

And she emphasised: “CRAG is urging all local residents to make their individual objections to Leeds City Council by the deadline of March 6.

“I also want people to know that if anyone is having problems doing this, they should let CRAG know and someone will be in touch to help.”

Mr Shelbrooke addressed Saturday’s meeting, which was also attended by ward councillors Matthew Robinson and Rachael Procter.

Collingham resident and CRAG member Jeff Forrest said: “The MP outlined the situation regarding planning applications not just for Collingham but also along the A58 corridor from the Red Hall roundabout through to Collingham and the resultant impact these applications would have on flooding in the village.

“He emphasised that the village needed to act together, residents from all over the village, not just those close to the proposed site needed to lodge their objections.

“It was also pointed out that Collingham Beck already collects so much water, that it has been reclassified as a river.”

Miller Homes have stated that the application would carry out flood alleviation measures including raising ground levels on part of the site and building a new flood wall alongside the A58 to prevent flooding on the major route and Crabtree Green.

Leeds City Council is set to discuss the plan on April 29.