Improving Dementia Care Services

Improving Dementia Care Services

Springfield Healthcare Garforth (2)Alec secured an Adjournment debate in the House of Commons on Tuesday 7th January calling for the improvement of Dementia care services in the UK.

Praising David Cameron’s recent decision to host the G8 summit on Dementia, Alec suggested that there is much to do before we can be confident that everyone living with Dementia is able to live a fulfilled life. With an aging population it is estimated that by 2021, 1 million people will be living with Dementia – up from 800,000 today.

Calling for the National Dementia Strategy to be updated, Alec made the case for increased research spend on Dementia, programmes for earlier diagnoses and further investigation into the effectiveness of homocysteine testing.

During the debate, Alec praised services in Elmet & Rothwell for leading the way in Dementia care. Alec said: “In my constituency there are some inspiring examples which make me feel optimistic that Dementia can be dealt with effectively and compassionately. I’ve seen firsthand that this kind of support, delivered well and early on in a person’s dementia journey, can lead to better outcomes.

“I’m pleased to say that carehomes have developed immensely since we moved my own Grandmother into one in the early 90s and even more delighted that a leading company on the development of care villages is located in my own constituency. Graeme Lee and his team at Springfield Healthcare have really set the bar on building a quality and comfortable dementia friendly care village at Seacroft Grange.

“But as is often the case, the truly inspirational support networks are not those provided by professionals but by community champions such as Peter Smith in my constituency who, in establishing the Tea Cosy Memory Cafe in Rothwell, provides a welcoming place for those with dementia and their carers as well as making Rothwell the first dementia friendly community in Leeds.”

Alec is a ‘Dementia Friend’ and supports the Alzheimer’s Society in their mission to raise awareness of Dementia in the UK. Members of the public can become a ‘Dementia Friend’ and help the Alzheimer’s Society reach their goal of creating a network of a million Friends across the UK by 2015. To support the Alzheimer’s Society you can sign up at