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Wetherby’s Big Society

Cabinet Minister Frances Maude accepted Alec’s invitation to visit Wetherby’s award winning Sandringham Park. Working as a community, residents have clamped down on anti-social behaviour and littering – the Minister was so impressed he agreed to work with Alec on nominating the team for a Big Society Award.

Barclays faces new questions over lending

The government is extending its investigation into Barclays‘ involvement in a state-backed loan scheme, after the business minister, Michael Fallon, intervened. The bank faces renewed questioning over its use of the now defunct Small Firms Loan Guarantee programme after evidence emerged that it broke guidelines during a period of heady bank lending before the credit crunch…. Read more »

Alec calls for minimum wage rise

In January inflation fell to 2% – hitting the Bank of England’s target for the first time in four years. Wage growth is now set to outstrip inflation and it’s clear that the Government’s long term economic plan is working. With wage growth returning it is vital that the Government now continues to focus on… Read more »

‘Ban benefits claimants from spending handouts on alcohol’: Tory MP calls for law change to prohibit state welfare being spent on non-essentials

Benefits claimants should be banned from spending welfare handouts on alcohol and cigarettes, a Conservative MP has said. Alec Shelbrooke wants to prohibit benefits being spent on luxury items by introducing electronic cash cards which could only be used for essential items such as food and clothing. The cards would be similar to a chip… Read more »