Alec slams Network Rail for failures at Garforth, Micklefield & Woodlesford

In a House of Commons debate on rail timetabling, Alec shared his frustration with Network Rail’s failures at Garforth, Micklefield and Woodlesford railway stations.

Alec told the House of Commons: “My constituents at Garforth, Micklefield and Woodlesford stations are agog at how bad the trains have got, and I lay the blame for a lot of this at the door of Network Rail, not the Secretary of State. There have been plenty of opportunities and plenty of promises made over decades; I was using this train line 20 years ago, and it was rubbish then and it is rubbish now. What can the Secretary of State do to ensure that Network Rail gets a grip of the situation and delivers on the promises it makes?

In reply, the Secretary of State said: “What we have to see is the completion of the investment programme, the delivery of the new trains and, above all, the sorting out of the timetable. Every train in the north of England is being replaced with either a brand new train or a completely refurbished one. The new trains are due to start arriving later this year. We have big investments taking place. The transpennine rail upgrade, at £3 billion, is the largest investment; it is part of the next rail infrastructure investment programme. It is just hugely frustrating that what has been done so far has yet to deliver the improvements it should to passengers and has actually made things worse. That must stop, and stop quickly”.

You can WATCH Alec’s comments in the Commons Chamber via his Facebook page here.