‘Back the small firms central to high street’

‘Back the small firms central to high street’

Published: 11th October 2013

High StreetDo your bit to make Leeds’s communities top of the shops.

That’s the message from the Yorkshire Evening Post today, as we press ahead with our Shop Small campaign.

High streets and businesses in places like Rothwell and Woodlesford have been facing tough times amid the country’s economic struggles.

Our campaign aims to help the city’s proud family of independent stores stay alive and kicking by featuring information, advertising and discount details on what they have to offer.

Jeremy Clifford, editorial director of the YEP, said: “New research has been published that has seen Leeds rise up the list of the country’s most vibrant city’s to fifth place in the league table. That is undoubtedly because of the investment in new shops, bars and restaurants – all on the back of people who are prepared to spend their money locally.

“If other high streets are to continue to thrive, we need to see people continue to support them with their trade, which is why our Shop Local campaign is so important.

“As part of the campaign, we will be playing our part in supporting the high street, by highlighting the vast wealth of retailers and traders we have.”

He added: “We need to remind shoppers of the unique or unusual items and services that can be provided by independent traders.

“Every pound spent locally is an investment in the high street, and the thousands of people who are employed in our local economy.”

The Shop Small campaign is backed by Alec Shelbrooke, MP for Elmet and Rothwell. He said: “I’m delighted to welcome the YEP’s campaign for supporting small shops once again.

“They are vital for the vibrancy of a good local economy and often offer products in quantities that you can’t find at larger supermarktets.”