Chancellor visits Wetherby in northern tour

Chancellor visits Wetherby in northern tour

The Chancellor of the Exchequer made a trip to Wetherby this week, visiting a textiles business where he talked about his plan to create a northern economic powerhouse.

Touring the factory and offices at Arville Textiles on Sandbeck Lane with managing director Jim Wight, the Chancellor spoke of how places like Wetherby can benefit from his vision to encourage growth in the North of England.

This visit came shortly after Mr Osborne set out his ‘pathway’ for connecting cities in the north in Manchester earlier in the day.

He said: “We have done a lot in the last few years: look at the improvements at Kirkstall Forge and the M62 and the transpennine rail links that we are improving, but that is not enough and I am not satisfied.

“I want to take these to a wholly different level where we really bring together big cities like Leeds and Sheffield and Manchester and make sure that they are more than their individual parts and that the UK doesn’t just have one global city but a collection of them in the north.