Stop ‘whining’ about the noise at PMQs, Tory MPs tell John Bercow

Stop ‘whining’ about the noise at PMQs, Tory MPs tell John Bercow

Published: 18th February 2014

bercow-speakerTory MPs have rounded on John Bercow for complaining about their behaviour in   the House of Commons, insisting previous Speakers “never had the need to   resort to whining”.

The Commons Speaker said in a newspaper interview that party whips should stop    “orchestrated barracking” of MPs during the weekly Prime Minister’s   Questions as it harms the reputation of Parliament.

He has now written to David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg warning that   the public risk being alienated from democracy by the noisy nature of their   weekly confrontation, and asking for ideas on how it can be reformed.

Regretting that some female MPs were leaving Parliament, Mr Bercow said: “There   are people who think culturally the atmosphere is very male, very   testerone-fuelled and, in the worst cases, of yobbery and public school   twittishness.”

However, Tory MPs took to Twitter to counter his criticism. Alec Shelbrooke,   MP for Elmet and Rothwell, said Mr Bercow should take a leaf out of Lady   Boothroyd, who as Betty Boothroyd, was Speaker from 1992 to 2000.