JHS welcomes Minister for Business, Enterprise and Energy

MIPRJHS welcomes Minister for Business, Enterprise and Energy

Published: 3rd March 2015

JHSJHS recently welcomed the Rt Hon Matthew Hancock MP, Minister for Business, Enterprise and Energy, to its HQ in Garforth Leeds.

Hancock visited the UK distributor as part of his ‘One hundred businesses in one hundred days’ tour of the country.

As part of his visit, Hancock, who was accompanied by constituency MP Alec Shelbrooke, was given a guided tour of the firm’s premises by JHS managing director Dennis Drumm and his wife Linda, where he spoke with members of staff and got to grips with some of the company’s instruments.

“It was actually a terrific opportunity to show a member of the Government just what an SME like JHS does, what goes into creating a diverse range of musical instruments and speak directly to ‘the horse’s mouth’ as it were about concerns with legislative and regulatory issues,” Drumm commented. “One often overlooks that politicians are passionate about their topics, and that was certainly evident with Matthew.”