About Alec

Alec Shelbrooke was first elected as the Member of Parliament for Elmet & Rothwell in May 2010 with a 9.8% swing from Labour, giving him majority of 4521 votes. At the 2015 General Election Alec nearly doubled his majority, securing the second biggest Conservative majority in West Yorkshire.

Alec lives in the heart of the constituency with his wife Susan and their two dogs, Boris and Maggie. Living in the constituency allows Alec to stay in touch with issues that really matter to local people. Following six years as a Leeds City Councillor for the Harewood Ward, Alec describes becoming the Member of Parliament for his home constituency a huge honour.

Alec’s background

The son of two teachers, Alec was born in 1976 and educated at Saint George’s Church of England Comprehensive School. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Brunel University where he graduated with honours in 1998. After graduation Alec relocated to Yorkshire and made his work and family life in Leeds. Living in Micklefield and first working as a kitchen and bathroom fitter, Alec later established a career in project management taking up a job with the University of Leeds. Alec is a member of campaign groups such as ‘Blue Collar Conservativism’ and the ‘Trade Union Reform Group’ describing himself as a Conservative Trade Unionist.

With over a decade of experience campaigning in Elmet & Rothwell, Alec knows not only what issues matter to local people, but has come to know nearly every road, avenue and cul-de-sac in the constituency by name. It is Alec’s promise to put the interests of his constituents before those of his own.

Alec at work

Alec takes a keen interest in Foreign Affairs, Transport and Welfare. Following his re-election to Parliament in May 2015 the then Prime Minister, David Cameron, appointed Alec as a UK representative to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

Alec’s first experience working in Government came in September 2012 when he was appointed Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to the Minister of State for Northern Ireland. He returned to the backbenches in October 2013 to better represent his constituents over issues with the High Speed Rail (Preparation) Bill and later returned to the Government benches in July 2014 as PPS in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

As past Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Thalidomide, and in conjunction with the Thalidomide Trust, Alec secured the extension of an £80m Thalidomide health grant to support the independent living of victims of the Thalidomide drug.

In December 2012, Alec introduced a Ten Minute Rule Bill to the House of Commons calling for the introduction of a Welfare Cash Card to prohibit the use of state-funded benefits on luxury – and damaging – items such as cigarettes and alcohol. More recently, Alec has been leading a national political campaign to ban  unpaid internships, describing the employment practice as ‘exploitation of young workers’.

Alec has appeared on various television and radio programmes campaigning for a better welfare state that is fair to the most vulnerable in society who rely upon it and fair to the taxpayers who pay for it.

Alec at home

Alec is a Formula 1 enthusiast and enjoys spending a few hours watching the Grand Prix. Saturdays are usually spent dealing with casework around the constituency but in his spare time Alec enjoys reading, writing and playing football. Since his marriage to Susan in May 2011, Alec enjoys spending Sunday afternoons at home walking their dogs and spending time with family and friends. Regulars in his local village pub know Alec to be a frustrated rock star.

Alec has served as the President of the Palace of Westminster Lions and supports a number of charities in Elmet & Rothwell promoting the ethos and values of the Lions Club International.