2020 Exam Results

A-Level and GCSE results for 2020 will be based on Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs) issued by the school of college.

FAQs – here’s how exam results will be awarded for 2020.

1. What will my A-Level or GCSE results be based on?

Your official results will now be whichever is higher of the Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs) or the Calculated Grade (Ofqual). In most cases, the CAG – based on teacher predictions – will be higher.

2. Can I appeal my A-Level or GCSE Centre Assessed Grade (CAG)?

Yes, but only on grounds of discrimination or bias by the school or college. A-Level students who believe they would still do better if they sat the exam can request to do so in the autumn, however this delay will obvious require them to defer their university placement by a year.

3. How does this effect my university application?

If you did not previously meet your required grades under the Ofqual algorithm and lost your university offer, but now have the required grades based on your CAG results, you should be able to accept your first choice offer via the UCAS portal from Thursday. All students are however advised to ring the University direct asap. If you have since accepted a second choice university, you can release yourself from that and reapply for your first choice. The Government has lifted the cap on student places at University in the hope that there will still be enough places, although it is acknowledged that this won’t be the case at all Universities, particularly Oxbridge, and some students will have to defer a year.

If you have an individual case you’d like to discuss with Alec, please get in touch directly: alec.shelbrooke.mp@parliament.uk.